About the Soft-Skills Workbook for Auto Techs

The Soft-Skills Workbook for Auto Techs is an 80-page workbook. (This is a stand-alone book, with no other materials required.) A 25-page teacher’s supplement with quizzes and essays is included. The workbook contains 182 questions, 36 exercises, 10 role-play scenarios, and 5 interviews with shop managers or auto techs.


NATEF (now ASE Education Foundation – see below) employability skills are covered throughout, and the workbook can be used to assist an instructor in teaching Common Core Standards for English language arts, and literacy in a technical subject.

Soft-Skills Workbook: Teacher’s Workbook Package

Included in the Teacher’s Workbook Package:
– PDF file of the workbook
– PDF file of the quizzes
– PDF file of the teacher’s supplement
– Web Format file (MS Word file, formatted for the web) of the workbook and quizzes
– PowerPoint Presentation (you may make any changes you wish)

Click here for a PDF sample.

Click here for a web formatted sample. If this link doesn’t work, you may email me and I will send you this file.

The PDF files can be printed and copied for students as needed for class instruction at your school. The workbook files (Web Format and/or the PDF) may be emailed to students, or posted on a password protected teacher’s page.

Review copies of the complete workbook and complete teacher’s supplement  are available via email.


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From: AUTOMOBILE PROGRAM STANDARDS Effective Date: January 1, 2017

Personal Standards (see Standard 7.9)

  1. Reports to work daily on time; able to take directions and motivated to accomplish the task at hand.
  2. Dresses appropriately and uses language and manners suitable for the workplace.
  3. Maintains appropriate personal hygiene.
  4. Meets and maintains employment eligibility criteria, such as drug/alcohol-free status, clean driving record, etc.
  5. Demonstrates honesty, integrity and reliability.

Work Habits / Ethic (see Standard 7.10)

  1. Complies with workplace policies/laws.
  2. Contributes to the success of the team, assists others and requests help when needed.
  3. Works well with all customers and coworkers.
  4. Negotiates solutions to interpersonal and workplace conflicts.
  5. Contributes ideas and initiative.
  6. Follows directions.
  7. Communicates (written and verbal) effectively with customers and coworkers.
  8. Reads and interprets workplace documents; writes clearly and concisely.
  9. Analyzes and resolves problems that arise in completing assigned tasks.
  10. Organizes and implements a productive plan of work.
  11. Uses scientific, technical, engineering and mathematics principles and reasoning to accomplish assigned tasks.
  12. Identifies and addresses the needs of all customers, providing helpful, courteous and knowledgeable service and advice as needed.


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