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“The Auto Tech’s Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Life in the Repair Business,” by David J. Ellingsen

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Handbook Workbook Package, by Sandra J. Ellingsen (Teacher and Student Versions)
This is a workbook to accompany “The Auto Tech’s Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Life in the Repair Business.” It corresponds with the content and chapters in the Handbook. It will include a PDF file of the teacher’s edition and a PDF file of the student version. You will be able to make unlimited copies for use at your school for $35.



Soft-Skills Workbook for Auto Techs (Teacher’s Workbook Package)

By Sandra J. Ellingsen
 $55.00 – The PDF and web formatted files will be emailed to the instructor.

An 80-page workbook. (This is a stand-alone book, with no other materials required.) A 25-page teacher’s supplement with quizzes and essays is included. The workbook contains 182 questions, 36 exercises, and 10 role-play scenarios.

Included in the Teacher’s Workbook Package:
– PDF file of the workbook
– PDF file of the quizzes
– PDF file of the teacher’s supplement
– Web Format file (MS Word file, formatted for the web) of the workbook and quizzes
– PowerPoint Presentaion (you may make any changes you wish)

The PDF files can be printed and copied for students as needed for class instruction at your school.
The workbook files (Web Format and/or the PDF) may be emailed to students, or posted on a password protected teacher’s page.

Review copies of the complete workbook and complete teacher’s supplement  are available via email.